Rolls-Royce designs and develops an unrivalled range of products and services for the marine industry.  We have a global presence, with several major production facilities across Europe, Asia and North America, supported by a service network spanning 33 countries.

Our consistent investment in new technology acquisition, though a network of intensive and focused research programmes, ensures we remain at the forefront of new marine developments.  Strengthened further by decades of experience in designing and developing cargo vessels, this mature capability lies at the heart of today’s range of leading-edge Rolls-Royce designs, products and integrated systems for our customers in the cargo sector.

Close customer co-operation throughout all phases of a project means we can help them to select the optimum products and systems for their vessel – and are in a unique position to support them in service.

As well as our design and ship systems, our on-board equipment includes diesel and gas engines, together with thrusters, propellers and other key components for propulsion, manoeuvring and precise positioning.  We also supply on-board power systems, bearings, highly capable deck machinery and automation and control systems to make the crew’s life a little easier.