T56 Engine Enhancement Package

Economical - Versatile - Reliable - Proven

Innovative technology from Rolls-Royce will bring significant savings for C-130 and P-3 fleets across the globe. 

This technology is estimated to save at least $20 million over two decades for a typical four aircraft C-130 Hercules fleet - the backbone of military transport systems.

A new engine enhancement for the T56 engine, using proven technology and materials from other Rolls-Royce engines, will improve fuel efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, increase reliability and enhance performance.

The enhancement package is known as the T56 Series 3.5.

Flight testing was completed by the United States Air Force in October 2012 (see photo above).


"Many hurricane missions are into storms far from home base, so fuel-efficiency and engine reliability are critical. The anticipated fuel savings and reliability provided by the Series 3.5 engine enhancement package could mean getting an extra pass through the strom instead of heading back to base." 
- NOAA Corps Cmdr. Devin Brakob, veteran NOAA Hurricane Hunter 

"The Series 3.5 shows great promise for improvement in performance and fuel efficiency for the T56 engine. A US Air Force study has projected $240 Million in fuel savings through 2040, which will help the service meet its goal for energy savings." 
- Senior USAF official, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (Ohio, USA)

"I believe this program offers significant improvements that are needed to ensure mission flexibility and guarantee C-130H fleet viability needed to meet current and future tactical airlift needs of our Nation." 
- The Adjutant General (TAG), Air National Guard

"My personal opinion of the 3.5 upgrade -- I believe you hit the bulls-eye on this ... This is hands down exactly what the C-130 community needs. Please thank everyone on your team." 
- US Air Force C-130 Flight Engineer