TotalCare® is the flagship brand for Services from Civil Aerospace. The TotalCare offering consists of an integrated core set of services covering key aspects of engine management and maintenance, which can be combined with a range of optional services to tailor TotalCare to an individual customer’s requirements.

Building on the leading knowledge, experience and infrastructure provided by Rolls-Royce, TotalCare covers service elements such as predictive maintenance planning, workscope creation and management, and all off wing repair and overhaul activities. Fundamentally, TotalCare rewards reliability, a factor valued most highly by customers. By being charged on a $/engine flying hour basis, TotalCare transfers both time-on-wing and shop visit cost risks back to the OEM, and makes reliability and time on wing a driver for profit for both the customer and Rolls-Royce.

Operators with a TotalCare service will experience:

  • Secured cost of operating and maintaining Rolls-Royce engines
  • Enhanced availability with the engine health monitoring and the automatic inclusion of product durability and reliability improvements
  • Increased asset value and desirability in the marketplace