Inventors and technology licensing Helping our customers to do more using less

Rolls-Royce is active in various Aerospace, Marine and Energy markets, across a product range from power systems to complete ship design. Developing new technology is important to Rolls-Royce with over £900 million spent on research and development each year. Rolls-Royce products are high-end technology with high safety margins and integrity, often operating at high temperatures using new and exotic materials, designed with state-of-the-art analysis methods and manufactured with advanced techniques.

Rolls-Royce will consider proposals both for the licensing-in of technology from external inventors and for the licensing-out of Rolls-Royce technology to other organisations.

Rolls-Royce recognises that much of the technology it develops can be licensed out to be used in other applications. Examples of areas of Rolls-Royce technology that are licensed out include Finite element analysis software, Manufacturing techniques and Testing & instrumentation technology.

If you believe that Rolls-Royce may have some technology that could be of benefit to your company, please contact the Technology Licensing team at