TotalCare is the flagship brand for Services from Civil Aerospace. The TotalCare offering consists of an integrated core set of services covering key aspects of engine management and maintenance, which can be combined with a range of optional services to tailor TotalCare to an individual customer’s requirements.

Building on the leading knowledge, experience and infrastructure provided by Rolls-Royce, TotalCare covers service elements such as predictive maintenance planning, workscope creation and management, and all off wing repair and overhaul activities. Fundamentally, TotalCare rewards reliability, a factor valued most highly by customers. By being charged on a $/engine flying hour basis, TotalCare transfers both time-on-wing and shop visit cost risks back to the OEM, and makes reliability and time on wing a driver for profit for both the customer and Rolls-Royce.

Operators with a TotalCare service will experience:

  • Secured cost of operating and maintaining Rolls-Royce engines
  • Enhanced availability with the engine health monitoring and the automatic inclusion of product durability and reliability improvements
  • Increased asset value and desirability in the marketplace

Key to TotalCare are the core services – these enable the time-on-wing and shop visit cost risk transfers to occur, and give Rolls-Royce the necessary levers to manage those risks whilst providing its customer with an integrated engine management and maintenance service. The core services are described below: 

Engine Repair and Overhaul

Rolls-Royce will carry out off-wing maintenance guaranteeing OEM parts and control of costs. This covers all off-wing maintenance e.g. check and rectify, full refurb.

TotalCare work scope

Using experience gained from the entire fleet, Rolls-Royce will work scope the customers engine to achieve maximum time on wing for their particular operation, Rolls-Royce will then ensure the overhaul shop adheres and delivers to the work scope.

Engine Reliability Improvement

Rolls-Royce will include modifications into the Customer’s engines that increase the reliability and durability of the product.

Comprehensive Engine Health Monitoring (EHM)

Superceding EHM at the Foundation Service level, the Comprehensive EHM service allows Rolls-Royce and the Customer to plan and schedule the maintenance activity (on-wing or off-wing) based on the EHM data processed by Controls and Data Services (CDS) on behalf of the Customer.

TotalCare Service Integration

This is the “behind the scenes” activity done by Rolls-Royce that makes all the other service lines under TotalCare “work” e.g. load planning in the overhaul shops, forwarding booking of induction slots for a Customer’s engines, monitoring a customer’s spare engine status, etc.

Specialist Line Maintenance

Rolls-Royce Initiated – this service allows Rolls-Royce to deploy the On-Wing Care team if an issue can be rectified on-wing thus avoiding a potentially disruptive engine removal.

Optional Services are generally added to the TotalCare Core Services to provide our customers with additional support for day-to-day operational support on specific tasks, or to increase the scope of hardware covered by the core services.

Customer Initiated Specialist Line Maintenance

Customers request the deployment of Rolls-Royce personnel and equipment to undertake specialist line maintenance in order to recover engine serviceability or performance.

Technical Records Management

This service captures, stores and retrieves technical records for both engines and aircraft, and can be expanded to include the creation of work documents and continued airworthiness management requirements.

Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) Management

This service covers all aspects of the repair process for an engines LRUs – work scoping and configuration control, return logistics from customer main base to the repair vendor, LRU repair and modification, vendor management and replacement of LRUs if beyond economical repair.

Spare Engine Services

This service provides customers with spare engines on a dedicated lease basis, or to compliment a customer’s spare engines on a non-dedicated basis.

Engine Transportation

This service includes routine transportation of engines between the customer’s main base (or designated station) and the engine shop, and/or remote site transportation.

Additional Overhaul Services

Additional overhaul services provided to those customers who choose to widen the scope of core TotalCare with the following options:

  • Life Limited Parts (LLPs) cover – costs are covered for LLPs that are either time expired or whose remaining life at overhaul will limit the time on-wing given in the work scope.
  • Lease Return Conditions – ensures that engines on aircraft leased to an operator are returned to the lessor meeting an agreed set of exit conditions.

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