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Helicopters FIRST network

With 200 million flight hours and over 50 years of turboshaft experience to our name, Rolls-Royce offers an unparalleled level of service.

In order to meet the needs of our 4,500 helicopter and Turboprop customers, we have established the M250 Rolls-Royce FIRST network™ of 27 approved service centres, supported by 40 Aviall locations, all dedicated to keeping your fleet airborne, no matter where you're based. With over 170 Rolls-Royce technical representatives worldwide, you can be assured of reliable support 365 days a year.

Our network of 24 independent and company-owned M250 authorised service centres offer our customers a unique breadth of choice, combined with the reassurance of Rolls-Royce approved quality standards. As the original creator of TotalCare® engine support solutions, you can also rely on Rolls-Royce to offer you the most flexible range of support solutions available.

The FHA (Fleet Hour Agreement) programme is available on the Rolls-Royce M250 engine. For a fixed cost per flight hour, the programme provides the operator with coverage of all shop maintenance events, mitigating the risk of unscheduled maintenance. The basic coverage includes:

  • scheduled and unscheduled engine maintenance
  • life-limited part replacement
  • selected line replaceable parts
  • commercial Engine Bulletin embodiment
  • rental engines and modules (optional)
  • new or in-service engine eligibility
  • programme transferability with aircraft
  • enhanced aircraft resale value
  • maintenance provided through the FIRST network
  • factory training and publications
  • programme available for M250 Series II and IV engines

For additional information contact Rolls-Royce at

We have developed partnerships with three key distributors to address the needs of our Helicopter customers. Aviall is the single point of contact for M250 engines, AAR for RR300 engines and API for CTS800 engines.


The global fleet of Rolls-Royce M250 engines benefits from the support of a distribution arrangement with Aviall Inc. The agreement provides Rolls-Royce M250 customers with a single source global distribution network of more than 40 customer service centres to maintain their engines.

M250 customers can contact Availl for support via:


Light Helicopter Turbine Engine Company (LHTEC), a partnership between Honeywell and Rolls-Royce, has partnered with API to support CTS800 spare parts requirements worldwide.

API offers worldwide customer service 24/7/365 through distribution centres and partnerships located in USA, Canada, China, Asia Pacific, Australia, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

CTS800 customers can contact API for support via:

With 16,000 M250 turboshaft and turboprop engines in service with more than 4,500 customers, nothing less than world class service will do. In order to continue providing both global and competitive support offerings, Rolls-Royce has renewed the M250 FIRST network with 33 authorized service centres.

The M250 FIRST network offers operators the maximum level of choice and competition for local service and support. By offering a joint network of company owned Rolls-Royce Repair & Overhaul Facilities (RRROFs), independent Authorized Maintenance Repair & Overhaul Centres (AMROCs), Authorized Maintenance Centres (AMCs), Authorized Military Overhaul Facilities (AMOFs), and Authorized Repair Facilities (ARFs), Rolls-Royce ensures there are always options.

The M250 FIRST network provided operators with the following services:

  • Engine maintenance services
  • Module repair & overhaul services
  • Engine repair & overhaul services
  • Component & accessory repair, overhaul and exchange services
  • Field support personnel
  • Warranty administration

These authorized facilities are under contract with Rolls-Royce providing world-class maintenance, service, support and warranty support to keep the M250 engine fleet flying with minimum down time. Every RRROF, AMROC, AMC and AMOF operates correlated test cells for diagnostic and power acceptance testing. The RRROFs, AMROCs and ARFs can provide extensive component repairs and overhauls. All facilities are supported by a large technical staff based at Rolls-Royce in Indianapolis, Indiana USA and Regional Managers based around the world.

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