A suite of services available to all customers Foundation services for civil engines

Foundation Services for Civil engines

A suite of services available to all customers

All customers that operate Rolls-Royce engines have access to Foundation Services. These are the tools or services that an operator would need to self-manage its Rolls-Royce engines, and form the base from which other services can be offered.

Foundation services include:

Customer support underpins the dependable relationships that are built with our customers and our Vendors, suppliers, partners and overhaul and repair network.  Customers are provided access to a Rolls-Royce Customer Service Manager and a Field Service Representative.

Our Field Service Representatives provide on-site technical support and are a conduit to the support from the wealth of experience from our engineers and technicians that only Rolls-Royce as the original equipment manufacturer can provide.

Spare Engines

Rolls-Royce & Partners Finance Limited (RRPF) provides short, medium and long-term spare engine leasing solutions with the largest world-wide portfolio of Rolls-Royce and International Aero Engine (IAE) engines.

For more information please refer to the RRPF website

Rolls-Royce is commited to providing world-class operational and technical support to our customers to keep aircraft flying and maximising engine availability. From readiness to entry into service and throughout the life of the engine, Rolls-Royce continues to provide support. 

This comes via one of our 3 Civil Operation Centres, through our Field Service Representatives and using the Rolls-Royce Aeromanager internet portal. The Aeromanager portal provides direct access engine health monitoring data, spare parts ordering, technical publications and advice and communication packs whenever you need them.

In support of delivering services to customers, Rolls-Royce has established a world-wide infrastructure consisting of overhaul and repair facilities, line maintenance centres, and over 170 field Services Representatives in offices in every continent. The location of the Rolls-Royce and joint venture facilities can be found by downloading the GTS brochure

All customers, using Rolls-Royce or other engines to power their aircraft may choose the Fuel Management Services delivered by now Controls and Data Services (CDS), a wholly owned Rolls-Royce company.

The fuel management service can provide significant savings our customer’s fuel usage through the analysis and reporting of fuel usage.

Training courses are available to cover all aspects of engine maintenance, from depth maintenance to specialist line maintenance and fault isolation techniques. 

Rolls-Royce training can be provided at a customer location or at the specially designed and built Customer Training Centre where full access to the broad portfolio of Rolls-Royce civil engines is available.

The following courses are available www.rolls-royce.com/training

Engine Leasing and Parts Trading

A fully integrated but self-sufficient unit, Engine Leasing and Parts Trading is authorised to trade on the behalf of Rolls-Royce. They specialise in used and surplus parts and part life engines that can be offered for lease.

Parts Trading

Parts Trading offers support to customers who have requested a low cost Time and Material solution to their Engine Overhaul needs. They buy, part and stock full engines, and purchase individual used and surplus new parts as required. In addition, we offer to supply a range of serviceable used parts to customers who do not wish to purchase new.

  • More than $30 million of parts within inventory

The Rolls-Royce Parts Trading group is expert in evaluating assets and works with customers to release value from their surplus inventory and engines.

Engine Leasing

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Rolls-Royce Group plc, Rolls-Royce Leasing (RRL) delivers both short term and longer term lease solutions for Civil Aerospace spare engines. With a product portfolio that covers all in-service engines, we can support customers through planned or unplanned events.

  • 20 worldwide storage locations enabling the optimisation of spare engines to support the whole of the customer base and to avoid unnecessary customer disruption
  • Industry standard lease solutions

Rotables Services

Rolls-Royce offers the management of Line Replaceable Units (LRU) and Line Replaceable Parts (LRP). A dedicated team of contracts, engineering, purchasing, quality and logistics specialists manages a door-to-door service on behalf of a growing customer base. These services are all underpinned by the OEM vendor network and a global freight forwarding network with a proven track record.

  • Global OEM vendor network utilised
  • 24/7 Global AOG support
  • Return logistics (Incoterms 2000 DDU)

Service includes:

  • Airworthiness Directives (AD) and Service Bulletins (SB) recommended and alert
  • Beyond Economic to repair (BER) replacements
  • No Fault Found (NFF)
  • All repairs released to EASA Form 1 & FAA 8130
  • Access to Exchange/Loan assets
  • Assets maintained to Rolls-Royce/OEM workscopes (CMP)
  • Line and Shop coverage
  • Defined list of covered assets
  • Internet based track and trace system with detailed reporting capabilities