Complete engine management, from line maintenance parts to full engine overhauls CorporateCare


Complete engine management, from line maintenance parts to full engine overhauls

CorporateCare® is a simple, flexible and comprehensive cost-per-flight-hour service, designed to deliver a highly competitive engine maintenance programme to corporate customers, ranging from the traditional operator to fractional ownership programmes.

CorporateCare is the only credible engine maintenance cost programme available in the market for Rolls-Royce engines because it encompasses the experience and technical excellence of the engine manufacturer, the repair and overhaul expertise of Rolls-Royce, and the dedicated support of an established worldwide customer support organisation.

CorporateCare applies to the following Rolls-Royce engine types:

  • BR725 (powering Gulfstream G650)
  • BR710 (powering Gulfstream G500 [GV / GV-SP] and G550 [GV-SP variant] and Bombardier Global Express and Global 5000)
  • Tay (powering Gulfstream G300 [GIV / GIV-SP] and G400 [GIV-SP variant] and the G350 and G450)
  • AE3007 (powering Embraer Legacy / Shuttle and Cessna Citation X)

The benefits

  • Low risk, fixed cost engine maintenance - The comprehensive suite of engine management services available under CorporateCare provides predictable costs over the life of the agreement and covers all aspects of engine maintenance and management
  • Reduced management burden - CorporateCare enables you to focus on your priorities, because Rolls-Royce provides a full suite of Engine Management Services
  • Enhanced aircraft resale value - CorporateCare is transferable with the aircraft and therefore increases its residual value
  • Increased aircraft availability - A lease engine is included in the plan when your engine is in the shop
  • Reduced capital investment - You need fewer spare parts and tools
  • 24/7 - Benefit from a world-wide network of support focused on the needs of corporate jet operators. Our network is always there for you, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

CorporateCare® covers the cost of all parts and labour when the time comes for the engine to be sent to the appropriate Rolls-Royce authorised overhaul facility. The cost of parts and labour for mandatory and recommended service bulletins, as well as unscheduled maintenance is also covered. There is also an optional service that covers the replacement of Life Limited Parts.

This comprehensive coverage permits accurate budgeting based on each operator's forecast utilisation. The Rolls-Royce global network of repair and overhaul operations ensures convenient access to the required facilities. Quality is assured as only authorised Rolls-Royce facilities are used for CorporateCare.


Rolls-Royce has been producing aero engines for almost 90 years and during this time has constantly been at the forefront of technological innovation. As a result, Rolls-Royce engines now power the largest, fastest and longest-range business jets in the world.

We were the creators of the revolutionary "Power by the Hour" concept and on that strong foundation have built a complete range of engine services.


Rolls-Royce engines, powering the world's leading corporate jets with smooth efficiency and unmatched levels of reliability. The same level of attention to detail that is applied to the design of these engines has now been used to develop CorporateCare - the world's best customer support programme.

Proven logistics, rigorous quality control and scrupulous record keeping are among the many features that combine to make CorporateCare the perfect choice for owners of Rolls-Royce engines.

Engine Management Programme

CorporateCare® involves a partnership between Rolls-Royce and the operator aimed at maximising engine reliability, longevity and durability. Engine management plans are developed that combine engine condition monitoring, customer specific operational information and fleet-wide experience to produce tailored repair and overhaul schedules and work scopes.

Engine Health Monitoring (EHM)

The EHM service helps to maximise engine and aircraft productivity. The system tracks on-wing engine performance trends and operating margins and produces alerts where needed. Through analysis of this data, Rolls-Royce is able to anticipate potential problems, recommend preventative maintenance actions and thereby preventing operational disruptions.

Technical assistance

Rolls-Royce provides a wide range of technical documentation, training and support, which sets CorporateCare apart from other engine management programmes. Updates to technical publications are provided for the duration of the CorporateCare agreement. CorporateCare customers also receive the support of a world-wide team of Regional Customer Managers who provide personalised, comprehensive technical support, whatever the need.

Engine change and transportation

Rolls-Royce will arrange for the removal and reinstallation of engines covered by CorporateCare and cover the labour costs involved. For unscheduled events, this extends world-wide. Shipment of lease or loan engines to the aircraft location and of customer engines to and from the overhaul bases can be provided as an option.

Lease Engine and Line Replaceable Parts

Under CorporateCare, there is minimal interruption to flying for scheduled engine maintenance (Rolls-Royce guarantees access to spare engines). The CorporateCare programme covers lease engine costs and also covers the cost of repairing or replacing line replaceable parts.

What is Corporatecare?

CorporateCare is an engine maintenance programme under which you can budget your costs as easily as you can forecast your flight hours and cycles. For those components covered under the programme you pay an engine flight hour rate governed by the CorporateCare agreement. Charges are payable monthly for actual hours flown.

CorporateCare is comprehensive, yet simple. The programme comprises of a standard package along with a menu of optional services, which may be added depending on the particular needs of the operator.

CorporateCare is available for either "hard time" or "task oriented" engine maintenance programmes.

What is Corporatecare?

CorporateCare provides operators with low-risk forecasting linked to engine operation and utilisation. Our programme allows simple and accurate budgeting of engine expenditures, eliminating the risk associated with unscheduled maintenance events while covering all scheduled shop visit costs. In this way, engine maintenance expenses become stable and predictable.

Under CorporateCare, Rolls-Royce maintains a predefined workscope for each engine type. The 'workscope' ensures that engines are in top condition and provides the optimum on-wing life. With our professionally designed workscope and the Engine Condition Monitoring (ECM) service, Rolls-Royce can identify when engine maintenance is required as well as detect potential problems before they materialise and cause unnecessary costs or disruption.

Will CorporateCare increase my aircraft’s resale value?

Yes. Since CorporateCare is transferable on sale of the aircraft, prospective owners will know that payments have already been made to cover accrued time towards future maintenance expenses, thus increasing your asset value. Additionally, prospective future owners will know the engine manufacturer has cared for the engines, assuring them that the engines are in excellent condition and in line with Rolls-Royce engine management guidelines.

What is the Engine Management Programme (EMP)?

The EMP defines the workscope and provides the most effective on-wing and in-shop maintenance practices resulting in improved reliability, engine life and consequently aircraft availability for task oriented engine maintenance programmes.

The EMP is developed and refined through the collection and analysis of in-service data and shop visit experience, highlighting areas of improvement thereby driving maintenance and engineering innovations.

What is the Engine Health Monitoring (EHM) service?

Through the EHM service Rolls-Royce constantly monitors the performance of your engines. In case of any deterioration, Rolls-Royce will recommend preventive maintenance actions. This predictive and proactive approach will enable our engineers to identify potential problem areas before they pose a threat to your operations.

What is the cost of CorporateCare?

The cost of CorporateCare is determined by engine type, selected maintenance programme, operating environment and optional services selected.

The rate is adjusted at the beginning of each calendar year in accordance with a defined escalation formula using industry-standard indices.

Who is eligible for CorporateCare?

All operators and owners of new or used BR725, BR710, Tay 611, AE 3007 series engines may enrol.

Are there any entry requirements?

No engine inspections or enrolment fees are required to join CorporateCare. Where applicable, an arrears fee will be calculated for hours accumulated on engines prior to their enrolment into CorporateCare.

How long is the programme coverage?

Rolls-Royce CorporateCare has a ten year term.

Can I extend the programme?

Yes, you may extend your programme at the end of the original term.

Which engine components are covered?

All engine parts carrying a Rolls-Royce part number (including vendor parts) are covered. The only engine parts not covered are industry standard parts, buyer furnished equipment and the nacelle assembly.

What does the CorporateCare programme cover?

CorporateCare provides the following elements of coverage:

  • Maintenance Expenses:
    • Engine shop visit expenses for scheduled and unscheduled events
    • Line Replaceable Parts (LRP) repair/replacement , including accessories
  • Asset and Logistics Support:
    • Lease engines
    • Engine removal and re-installation labour
    • Engine transportation expenses
  • Technical Services:
    • Pro-active EMP service support
    • ECM: an optional customised web access tool is available
    • Technical publications revision service
    • Line maintenance training

What is not covered?

  • Line maintenance labour
  • Causes outside the control of Rolls-Royce such as FOD, accident, misuse or improper maintenance
  • Non-EMP required Service Bulletins
  • Life limited parts replacement due to time expiry

How do I enrol in CorporateCare?

Enrollment is simple. Please contact:

Stephen Friedrich
Vice President - Sales & Marketing
Tel: +1(703) 621-2715

What happens to my warranty under CorporateCare? What about its benefits?

The original parts warranty on your Rolls-Royce engines stays in effect when you enrol in CorporateCare. However, by signing onto the more comprehensive CorporateCare program, the benefits of the original warranty are assigned to the CorporateCare programme.

Can I terminate the programme early?

No. CorporateCare is a commitment between the Operator and Rolls-Royce for the entire contracted period of cover of the agreement. However, should the aircraft be sold, or become beyond economical repair, then obligations between Rolls-Royce and the existing operator will cease.

Can I transfer CorporateCare?

Yes. The benefits under CorporateCare are fully transferable upon sale of your aircraft and therefore will enhance your aircraft resale value and saleability. Because maintenance expenses are fixed, negotiations against aircraft value based upon the potential costs of these expenses can be avoided.

How is payment handled?

Payments are due on the first day of the month for that month’s estimated engine utilisation. Estimated engine utilisation will be agreed between the operator and Rolls-Royce for the first three years of aircraft operations by the operator. After three years of operations, annual utilisation will be based on a three-year rolling average. Reconciliation between estimated and actual utilisation will occur following the end of each calendar year. Payment is to be made to Rolls-Royce by wire transfer in the US on the first day of each month.

What are the operator’s reporting requirements?

Operators complete an easy, one page monthly operating report and submit the monthly electronic engine data gathered from their engines for ECM analysis.

Is there a minimum annual utilisation requirement?

Yes. CorporateCare assumes that operators will accumulate a minimum annual utilisation of engine hours per year, depending on the engine type and maintenance programme.

Are there any adjustments to charges?

Yes, in accordance with an escalation formula using industry standard indices.

Are there additional fees?

There are no additional fees, on the basis that the engine is operated, maintained and handled in accordance with the applicable Rolls-Royce technical publications for the engine.

When does the agreement come into effect?

CorporateCare comes into effect on the date the operator executes the agreement.

What is Engine Health Monitoring – web enabled access?

Programme coverage provides the customer with peace of mind in respect of engine performance trending through Rolls-Royce management of the CorporateCare programme. The operator will have access to its individual engine performance trend charts and interpolations. A website containing this information will be made available to the operator.

Where will my engines be sent for repair?

Your engines will be sent for repair or overhaul to an approved facility selected by Rolls-Royce.

Can I find out more about the CorporateCare programme?

Yes. For more information regarding the CorporateCare programme please contact:

Stephen Friedrich
Vice President - Sales & Marketing
Tel: +1(703) 621-2715

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