The BR725 is the most advanced member of the BR700 engine series. Its advanced technology and outstanding performance levels enable a whole new class of business jets.

The 16,900lb thrust BR725 engine powers Gulfstream’s new flagship corporate jet – the G650.

The BR725 combines proven features from the BR700 and Trent engine families with new technologies derived from ongoing Rolls-Royce 'Vision' technology acquisition programs.

Compared with its highly successful predecessor, the BR710, the BR725 is more powerful, has 4 percent better specific fuel consumption and shows 21 percent improvement in NOx emissions.

  • Entry into service in 2012 as the sole powerplant for the Gulfstream G650
  • Designed for long life on wing, low fuel burn and excellent environmental performance
  • Based on the successful BR700 family with over seven million hours of operation
  • Built by the leading engine supplier for business jets
  • Supported by the industry-leading Rolls-Royce CorporateCare engine management service

The 50-inch diameter fan is made up of 24 "swept" titanium blades for improved aerodynamic efficiency and lower noise. Its weight was optimized by incorporating composite fan outlet guide vanes, a single piece nose cone and a solid titanium fan case. The new, all-composite nacelle has a new inlet cowl to house the larger fan. The nacelle diameter is the same size as on the BR710.

Five stages of blisks optimize the weight of the BR725 high-pressure compressor, while 3D aero optimization and the introduction of elliptical leading edges lead to higher efficiency. The BR725 combustor is based on proven BR715 design, which is renowned for its low emissions and long life. The high-pressure turbine features two shrouded stages and profiled end walls. Via active tip clearance control cruise fuel burn can be improved.

The BR725 received type certification from the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in December 2009. The certification covers a thrust rating of 16,900lbf (75.2 kN) and follows certification from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in June 2009.

  • The BR725 features a 50 inch diameter swept fan with 24 blades driven by a three-stage, low-pressure turbine, for improved flow, increased efficiency, reduced noise and lower emissions
  • Ten-stage high-pressure compressor incorporates the latest aerodynamic improvements and stages of blisks for improved performance and optimized weight
  • New combustor design provides significantly lower emissions
  • The two-stage shrouded high-pressure turbine uses advanced aerodynamic design and latest material for high efficiency, enhanced performance retention and longer life
  • New high-efficiency thrust reverser system for increased reverse thrust and lower drag
  • All new composite nacelle for higher flow