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Rolls-Royce Trent XWB

Rolls-Royce congratulates Airbus on A350-900 certification

Rolls-Royce congratulates Airbus on achieving European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Type Certification for the A350-900, powered by Rolls-Royce Trent XWB engines.

The Trent XWB is the world's most efficient large aero engine and the fastest-selling Trent engine ever, with more than 1,400 engines already sold. It will power the first Airbus A350 XWB into service with Qatar Airways later this year.

Rolls-Royce engineers worked closely with Airbus to support aircraft certification, producing over 180 reports to validate interfaces between the engine and airframe.

Eric Schulz, Rolls-Royce, President - Civil Large Engines, said: "We congratulate Airbus on this achievement, another chapter in the A350 XWB's continuing success story. We look forward to continuing to support Airbus as we work towards the aircraft's entry into service later this year."

The Trent XWB has now completed more than 11,000 hours of ground and flight testing.

Ground testing has taken place at: Rolls-Royce in Derby in the United Kingdom; Spain's space agency, the Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeroespacial (INTA) in Madrid; the Global Aerospace Centre for Icing and Environmental Research (GLACIER) in Manitoba, Canada; the Rolls-Royce outdoor jet engine testing facility at the John C. Stennis Space Center in Mississippi; and the Edwards Air Force Base in California.

What an amazing journey

What an amazing journey! We're coming to end of a trip during which we've circumnavigated the globe, seen almost every part of the world – and been warmly welcomed at every destination. The entire Rolls-Royce team has been delighted to have been part of it, to have worked alongside Airbus colleagues, and to have promoted the A350 XWB and its Trent XWB engines. There are so many more journeys to come – and we're looking forward to them all!

The Rolls-Royce team

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Trent XWB powers global journey – Helsinki

"Hei" from Helsinki! The aircraft landed in Helsinki on Tuesday evening, and was greeted by a couple of firefighting trucks spraying a water arch. The aircraft was parked up for static display at the VIP terminal and the event began with a press briefing and subsequent tour of the aircraft. The media tour was followed by two groups from Finnair, totalling 200 people in all. Most comments regarding the engine were how large it was, followed by the related test of my mental arithmetic in converting 118 inches from imperial to metric! Although still a year out from their EIS with the A350, the Finnair personnel were obviously excited to have the chance to see the aircraft up close. Another great visit!

Scott Holland
Customer Marketing Director

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Trent XWB powers global journey – Toulouse

After being reliably powered around the world by its Rolls-Royce Trent XWB engines, the Airbus A350 XWB flew the 10-hour journey back to its home base of Toulouse with a small contingent of Airbus and Rolls-Royce staff on board – tired but happy to have had the opportunity to showcase such world-beating technology to media, customers and enthusiasts alike. With an overnight flight, all were relieved the A350 cabin has been designed with passenger comfort the main priority and had the opportunity to catch up on some well-deserved rest. There’s a quick stop in Toulouse to freshen-up before embarking on the final leg of the route-proving tour.

Paul Sanderson
Customer Business Director – Airbus

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Trent XWB powers global journey – Sao Paulo

Today's visitors from Azul, TAM, LAN and Avianca are queuing up to take their first look inside the aircraft. People are struck by the sheer size of the 118 inch fan, with plenty of complimentary remarks about the engines. The aircraft hasn't failed to receive admiration wherever it has flown, attracting attention like some celebrity superstar. But it is more than just an aesthetically pleasing aircraft; it has proven itself performance wise, it has  endured the mountainous terrain of the Andes, navigated low-level over Sydney harbour, performed a 1,000ft go-around and has been buffeted by the wind and rain in NZ – and been rewarded with a sacred blessing by a Maori Chief! The Trent XWB engines are more than qualified to provide the power for this amazing aircraft!

Alex Dulewicz
Customer Marketing Director

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Trent XWB powers global journey – Santiago

The latest postcard comes on-board the A350 XWB at 15,000ft as it climbs over the snow-capped Andes mountain range. We are just a few minutes into the latest leg of the Airbus World Tour, a three-hour flight from Chile to Brazil. Quite a different on-board experience to the A340-300 aircraft I flew into Santiago on earlier today! The A350 XWB tail fin and distinct livery instantly recognisable against the stunning and breath-taking Chilean backdrop; the aircraft was already parked up and in position, having taken a more direct route from Auckland and arriving ahead of its Airbus sister aircraft. The latest leg sees a large delegation of press and airline representatives, including Robert Alvo (LATAM) and Azul as well as distinguished guests from the military. Next stop Sao Paulo.

Alex Dulewicz
Customer Marketing Director

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Trent XWB powers global journey – Auckland

Everyone was in a jubilant mood following another water cannon salute on arrival. The chief tribesman for Auckland, clad in a traditional feather garment and Maori cane, offered a blessing for the aircraft and demonstrated a "Hungi" ritual of touching noses and "sharing the same air in a single breath" with an All Blacks-clad Isobelle Floret, Airbus"s SVP for the region! Guests from Auckland International Airport Authorities and the Ministry of Primary Industries were given a tour of the aircraft, which included an on-board briefing by me on the Trent engines, as well as a briefing on the cabin layout and interior design of the A350 XWB. The audience was very impressed with the 16.7 million colour options for the cabin's mood lighting; also that Airbus had sold so many aircraft ahead of EIS.

Alex Dulewicz
Customer Marketing Director

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Trent XWB powers global journey – Sydney

The arrival of the Airbus A350 XWB was much anticipated by everyone in Sydney. Media crews gathered to capture the aircraft's arrival and helicopters hovered overhead. Representatives from Qantas and Virgin Australia toured the aircraft, and people were in awe of the sheer size of the Trent XWB engines. A morning static display was followed with a water cannon salute before passengers were treated to a breath-taking aerial tour of the coastline. There was a stunning, low-level flight over Sydney harbour with a 1,000ft go around at the airport – passengers saying "'you can hear that distinguishable purring from the engines". Next stop – Auckland!

Alex Dulewicz
Customer Marketing Director

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Trent XWB powers global journey – Johannesburg

Hi to everyone from Johannesburg, where the Airbus A350XWB had a great welcome at the start of its circumnavigation of the world. There were plenty of journalists from the trade press admiring the engines and I overheard one say: "Rolls-Royce is renowned for cutting-edge technology like this - it's amazing!" There was a similar reaction from South African Airways pilots who had come out to take a look around the aircraft but were overwhelmed by the engines - one described them as "awesome". It's a great start - wish you were here!

Jason Sutcliffe
Marketing Director

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Trent XWB powers global journey

Route-proving flights for the Airbus A350 XWB are well underway, with recent destinations including Singapore and Hong Kong. As part of the overall programme, the Trent XWB-powered aircraft will circumnavigate the world in the coming days and members of the Rolls-Royce team will send “postcards” from each of the places where the aircraft touches down. Watch out for regular updates on how the aircraft and engines are performing and the reception they’ve received. First postcard will be from Johannesburg, South Africa.

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Trent XWB-97 achieves full takeoff power

Following closely after the first engine run of the Trent XWB-97 comes the successful achievement of 97,000 lbs thrust from the engine. Since the first run, the engine has completed a number of test runs, followed by inspections and data analysis, in preparation for testing up to the full takeoff power of the engine.

Alistair McIntosh, Chief Engineer for the Trent XWB-97, said: “Reaching 97,000 lbs of thrust is another important milestone for us.  Like the saying goes ‘you need to learn to walk before you can run’, so we’ve been building up thrust levels over the last couple of weeks to understand how the engine performs against our models, before hitting full thrust.”  The engine will continue to test over the coming weeks to further explore the function and operability of the Trent XWB-97 design, across various thrusts and manoeuvres.

“What impresses me most is the amount of running we’ve been able to do so far with this engine and how quickly we’ve done it.  It really shows how far we’ve come with our design techniques and tools,” added Alistair.  “We’re also coming from a solid baseline of having so much experience of the -84 engine.  What we need to do now is to execute the programme we’ve set out, continue running this engine, and getting more -97 engines on to the test beds.”

To date, the engine has completed approximately 20 hours of running on the Rolls-Royce test beds in Derby, UK, and is the first of several engines that will be dedicated to certifying the Trent XWB-97 ready for A350-1000 first flight in 2016.

First engine run of the Trent XWB-97

Programme update - first run 97k

Rolls-Royce has completed the first run of the higher-thrust version of the Trent XWB – the Trent XWB-97.

The Trent XWB-97 produces 97,000lb of thrust and its first flight is scheduled for 2016 and entry into service in 2017.

The Trent XWB-97 is optimised for the largest A350 XWB family member - the A350-1000, to deliver maximum efficiency and thrust in order to power the larger aircraft.

Increased thrust

The increased thrust is achieved through a combination of new high-temperature turbine technology, a larger and scaled up engine core and a higher-flow fan, enabled by advanced aerodynamics.

This larger, more powerful engine has allowed Airbus to increase the range and number of passengers the A350-1000 can carry.
This engine is further evidence of us delivering on our customer promises, and helps us strengthen our position within the wide body market.

Delivery of second engine for Qatar Airways

The second engine for the first Qatar Airways A350-900 has joined the first engine and while the delivery wasn’t accompanied by a fanfare, there was still that same sense of pride from the team.

“The whole team has worked for more than two years to ensure a smooth start to production – and we’re delighted everything has worked well,” said Trent XWB Production Leader Ian Taylor. “With more and more Trent XWBs coming through production, the work is really ramping up and for me it’s a really exciting time to be on the programme. I’m not sure we’ll be able to say goodbye to all of them in the same style as the first one, but I want to be sure my engines leave in style!”

At peak production, Rolls-Royce will despatch one Trent XWB per day. Rolls-Royce invested in the world’s first Pre-Production aero engine facility to rapidly mature the Trent XWB design, instructions and tooling to ensure every engine leaves our facility to the highest quality every time.

The first production Trent XWB engines delivered to Airbus

The first Trent XWB production engines are being delivered to Airbus in Toulouse, France. The first arrived in Toulouse in late May, quickly followed by the second engine to complete the shipset for the first production Airbus A350 XWB for launch customer Qatar Airways. The first aircraft is scheduled for entry into service later this year.

We dispatch first Trent XWB for entry into service

On 15 May, Rolls-Royce dispatched the first production Trent XWB that will power the Airbus A350 XWB's entry into commercial service with Qatar Airways later this year.

Accordion Engine Dispatched 

The Trent XWB, the world's most efficient aero engine and specifically designed for the A350 XWB, is the fastest-selling civil large engine ever, with more than 1,600 already sold to 40 customers.

Employees and guests gathered to wave the engine off on its journey to Toulouse, where it will later be fitted to the first A350 XWB aircraft to enter service.

Chris Young, Rolls-Royce, Trent XWB Programme Director, said: "This is an exciting moment for all of us, and marks the first of many Trent XWB deliveries for service. When we reach peak production in 2017 we will be delivering a Trent XWB every working day."

Qatar Airways has ordered 80 of the aircraft (43 A350-900s and 37 A350-1000s).

The engine powered the A350 XWB's first test flight in June 2013 from Toulouse, France. Since then the aircraft has carried out a variety of test flights, including high altitude testing in Bolivia, hot weather testing in Al Ain, UAE, and cold weather testing in Iqaluit, Canada. The engine also powered the A350 XWB's visit to the Singapore Airshow in February 2014.

The Trent XWB is 16 per cent more efficient than the first-generation Trent engines that entered into service in 1995.

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