Trent 1000

Launch engine for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner

The fifth generation of the Trent engine family, the Trent 1000 is the only engine optimised to power the Boeing 787 Dreamliner family of aircraft. The Trent 1000 engine was selected as launch engine when the Boeing 787-8 aircraft entered service in 2011 and has been selected as launch engine when the 787-9 aircraft enters service in 2014.

The Trent 1000 delivers the best through life fuel burn on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

The Trent 1000 provides all the thrust the Boeing 787 Dreamliner family may require. Capable of providing up to 78,000lb thrust, the engine will power the 787-8, 787-9 and 787-10 aircraft variants.

The Trent 1000 delivered the best ever entry into service for a wide body aircraft engine. The Trent 1000 entered into service in late 2011 and has maintained a dispatch reliability of well over 99.9% throughout, despite a range of highly demanding operations.

To date, over 450 Trent 1000 powered Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft (firm & option) have been ordered by 25 customers. The Trent 1000 engine has won 50% market share in contested Boeing 787 engine competitions.

Customers include:

  • All Nippon Airways - the launch customer for the Boeing 787-8 aircraft
  • Air New Zealand - the launch customer for the Boeing 787-9 aircraft
  • Customers currently in service - ANA, LOT, LATAM, Norwegian, ILFC, British Airways, Royal Brunei
  • Customers due to enter service in the next 12-15 months - Singapore Airlines/Scoot, Virgin Atlantic, Avianca, Thai, Private Customer

The Trent 1000 is the engine of choice with the leasing community, having secured over 55% market share on leased Boeing 787 aircraft.

Capitalising on the architecture and technologies of previous generations of Trent engine, the Trent 1000 has been designed and optimised to power the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The Trent 1000 powered Boeing 787 Dreamliner is 20% more efficient than the Boeing 767 aircraft it replaces.

The Trent family's unique 3 shaft design makes every Trent engine shorter, stiffer, lighter and more FOD (Foreign Object Damage) resistant than its equivalent 2 shaft engine. This results in significantly less performance deterioration and delivers an additional fuel burn benefit of 1% through life.

The following technologies have been introduced on the Trent 1000 to optimise the engine for the all-electric 787 aircraft:

  • IP power offtake
    The IP power offtake efficiently drives the aircraft electrical systems while improving engine handling and operability at low power. The all-electric architecture of the Boeing 787 aircraft requires that no bleed air is taken from the engine, but up to 500kW of power is extracted from each engine to drive the aircraft systems.
  • 10:1 bypass ratio
    The highest bypass ratio of any Trent makes it the most efficient Trent engine in service and the quietest engine on the Boeing 787 aircraft today. Over 85% of the engine’s thrust is generated by the 2.8m diameter fan.
  • Low hub:tip ratio
    The Trent 1000 fan has a very low hub:tip ratio. This maximises airflow at a given fan diameter and improves FOD protection to deliver superior performance retention.
  • Anti-icing features
    The Trent 1000 engine has a number of features to safeguard against core icing including extra strengthening of IP compressor blades and a heated ESS (Engine Section Stator) system which delivers advanced ice protection, reducing operational burden in cold or high-moisture environments.