M250 turboshaft

The industry-standard 420-715 shp turboshaft engine

M250 turboshaft
  • More than 31,000 engines produced, with 16,000 in service
  • More than 220 million flight hours logged to date
  • More than 170 different helicopter and fixed-wing applications in both civil and military markets

The M250 turboshaft engines are of two-shaft modular design featuring a two-stage LP turbine, two-stage HP turbine, and a gearbox with 6,000rpm output. Compressed air is routed to the aft end of the engine for combustion, with exhaust gases exiting from the middle of the engine.

The Series II features four to six-stage axial and single-stage centrifugal compressors with a hydromechanical fuel control system. The larger Series IV family is identical in layout except for having a single-stage centrifugal rather than an axial/centrifugal compressor.

The latest Series IV turboshafts also feature a FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) system.

The highly successful family of M250 engines remains the industry-standard powerplant. More than 31,000 M250s have been delivered to date, with an estimated 16,000 engines currently in service.

Originally developed as the T63 to meet a US Army requirement for a 250 shp turboshaft, the Series I M250 has spawned an entire family of small turbine engines, including;

  • turboshafts
  • turboprops
  • industrial/marine starter-generators
  • disposable turbojet derivatives.

A program of continuous development has resulted in today's range of Series II and Series IV engines which power many of the world's most popular helicopters. Series II (M250-C20) turboshaft applications include the Bell 206B/TH-67, MDHI MD500/520N, Eurocopter AS.355/BO 105 and the MQ-8B (Navy Firescout) (Defense product).

The latest FADEC-equipped M250 Series IV turboshaft family (M250-C30/C40/C47) spans 650-715shp (815shp thermodynamic), and powers the Bell 407/430/206L, MDH MD530/600N, OH-58D Kiowa Warrior (Defense product) and the MQ-8C Firescout (Defense product).

The recently introduced Value Improvement Package (VIP) kit gives Series IV operators a post-production option to improve performance by five percent. A FADEC upgrade program will also deliver improved capability and reliability once certified in 2014.

The M250 continues to find expanded use in current and new applications serving the civil and defence markets in applications encompassing EMS, air tour, utility, scout, and UAS missions.

Rolls-Royce provides extensive service training for the full range of M250 engines. "Hands on" sessions are coupled with self-paced, computer-based training, supported by knowledgeable instructors.

Our objective is to enable the operator's personnel to perform maintenance, inspection, troubleshooting, and ground checkout on the entire family of M250 engines.

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