A Trent 700 engine Trent - it's a family affair
A Trent 700 engine on a Cathay Pacific aircraft Trent - it's a family affair

Trent - it's a family affair

With an established market share of over 50 per cent for powering modern wide-body aircraft, the Rolls-Royce Trent continues to dominate as the only family of engines serving this major sector of the aviation industry.

The latest members include the Trent 900 now in service on the Airbus A380, the Trent 1000 for the new Boeing 787 and the Trent XWB for the Airbus A350 XWB, both currently in development. The latter engine is not only the newest member of the family but has also become the fastest selling Trent ever.

Trent pedigree clearly counts in the marketplace. The Trent 700 was the first Trent to enter service, the founding member of a dynasty that is now established all over the world, and an engine that continues to set new standards, beat expectations and renew itself with the latest technological advances utilised by its descendants.

In 2009, 14 years since the Trent 700 entered service with Cathay Pacific, the latest version - the Trent 700EP - will see entry into service with Singapore Airlines, and will continue to set the standards for engines available on the Airbus A330.

The family trait of incorporating technology from later generations began early with the incorporation of the Trent 800 high-pressure module. This ensured the Trent 700 was able to deliver the best performance of any engine available on the A330 whilst providing long on-wing life and low maintenance costs wherever the operator happens to be. The engine’s unrivalled strengths in many challenging conditions have ensured its popularity - in the hot and harsh Middle East environment it has an 80 per cent market share.

The Trent 700 is the first generation Trent but, overall, this is a very young family of technologically advanced engines. The Trent 700 was a pioneering engine in many ways - it introduced the wide chord hollow titanium fan blade which has continued with every subsequent member of the family.

Rolls-Royce believes customers continue to select it because of its in-service record and the company’s continuous pursuit of enhancement packages drawn from later members of the Trent family. Essentially Rolls-Royce is renewing the engine, making it increasingly competitive and far from becoming older, it’s probably the most youthful original member of a sixth generation family out there.

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