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China is rapidly building its nuclear power plants, with 36 nuclear reactors under construction in 2010. At the rate of completing four to five reactors at 1,000 MW capacity or higher, China is projected to possess the world’s largest installed capacity for nuclear power generation by 2020.

Rolls-Royce is a world leading provider of mission critical nuclear systems and components. We have been a key player in the industry globally for over 50 years, with nuclear expertise including component manufacturing, project and supply chain management and world-class engineering.

Rolls-Royce has the largest nuclear skills base of any UK company, with approximately 2,600 employees in the UK, US and France. The Rolls-Royce facility in Meylan, France has provided instrumentation and control systems and life cycle support to the nuclear industry for more than 40 years and has systems installed on 200 reactors worldwide.

In China, Rolls-Royce has supplied nuclear power plant equipment since the Qinshan nuclear power plant which opened in 1994. Since then we have provided Rod Control Systems (RCS) and (NIS) to 18 nuclear power plants in Hongyanhe, Liaoning Province; Ningde, Fujian Province; Yangjiang, Guangdong Province; and Fangjiashan and Fuqing of Zhejiang Province. This include new contracts valued at £35 million (RMB 350 million) won in November 2010.

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