Diversity and inclusion

Rolls-Royce is committed to developing a diverse workforce and inclusive environment with equal opportunities for all. We believe that having people from different backgrounds and cultures gives us different perspectives. And the more perspectives we have, the more successful we'll be.

What does being diverse and inclusive mean in practice?

Diversity is 'difference'. We see it as the unique characteristics of an individual and the qualities, experience, background and approach they bring.

Inclusion is 'valuing difference'. In our company it describes a working environment where people have the freedom to approach business goals in a variety of ways. Different ways of looking at the world are valued and people are free to contribute to their full potential.

Within our fully inclusive workplace we aim to create an environment where people are treated fairly, based on their capability and contribution.

By building a culture of respect and appreciation, and by creating an environment in which everyone is free to be themselves, we give every person who works for us the opportunity to realise their full potential.

Wherever possible we provide training and development opportunities for disabled people so they can make best use of their skills. We also support a number of women's groups that focus on personal and professional development, and which provide support through networking. Other initiatives include developing programmes to increase self-awareness and promote cross-cultural working and a reverse mentoring programme in which senior executives are mentored by junior colleagues and exposed to diverse ideas and experiences.