Awards Dinner November 2013 - Science Museum London

Each year an awards dinner is held to celebrate the achievements of all our participating schools. Guests include representatives from government, business, education and the media. The event is an opportunity to showcase the work of the schools and to announce the winning and runner-up teams.

The awards dinner also provides us an opportunity to thank all those who have helped
Rolls-Royce develop and run the Prize.

Dr Thomlinson CoE Middle School

Learning to Think-Thinking to Learn

This plan was twofold and very ambitious, the team made long term changes to the Year 8 curriculum by developing an enquiry based curriculum in science, maths and geography, which will allow pupils to develop higher order thinking skills. Pupils were given opportunities throughout the year to apply these key skills in lessons, cross curricular enrichment activities and also real life situations. All three subjects came together in a project where pupils were required to produce strategies for limiting the devastating effect of flooding in Rothbury and then present their work to the local flood warden and the environment agency.

Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys

Radiation Around You - RAY

The project involved making an updatable map of background radiation across the UK, the project having a number of different research aspects within it The team developed detailed protocols to use the CERN@school kit to map background radiation. They have placed their data onto a map of Kent which can be updated and developed. They involved other schools and are now rolling out the project nationally. The data taken is new and interesting for the scientific community and much work on verifiability, coding and data analysis programming has been done to help make the data accessible to all schools. It has turned into a national collaborative research project for schools. We’ve established a community of school research physicists. In doing this we’ve not only engaged our students in physics research but involved a wider community across the country thus improving not only students' understanding of background radiation but also the understanding of their parents and their local community.

Pinfold Primary School

Building Bonkers Bugs

Bonkers Bugs is a Yr 3 to Yr 6 Community Science/Design & Technology project, using the Parish council’s Millennium Wood as an environmental and educational resource. Through ‘Bug of the Month’ pupils researched insects, giving each names and characters to bring them alive. It culminated in the pupils building a giant willow bug trail. This has dramatically increased the family use of the woodland.

The children have had many more opportunities to work outdoors whilst developing knowledge and respect of nature, seasons, pollination, ecology, and biodiversity. This project enabled the three schools in the village to work together for the first time and we have been supported by the University of Liverpool, STEM ambassadors OPAL (Open Air Laboratories) and the Parish, District and County councils throughout. The true essence of this project has been for children to have fun whilst going bonkers about bugs, and they have loved it!