Make the most of our expertise and experience Final year projects (Germany)

We offer students in the final year of an engineering or business studies degree in Germany the opportunity to make the most of our expertise and experience by carrying out their BA, MA or Diploma thesis at Rolls-Royce.

We are primarily interested in students of aeronautical engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, industrial engineering and business studies, although we will consider all applications.

The detailed topic of your final year thesis as well as the time frame will be specified once your application has been accepted.

Following completion of your thesis, you may have the opportunity to earn a premium, depending on your results.

You'll develop skills and experience
Whichever topic you chose, you'll be given real-life objectives to work to, and will be expected to make a noticeable contribution to your department from the start. While challenging, this will give you every opportunity to learn new and valuable skills, and provide you with insight into what you might be capable of in the future. And we'll be sure to provide you with all the support you need, including advice and guidance to help you make the most of your time with us.

You'll receive a head-start in your career
At the end of your programme, we'll give you the opportunity to review your placement and assess your performance against your objectives. This will help us to give you clear and valuable feedback, including an evaluation of your strengths, your development needs and your possible career options in the future.

You'll earn while you learn
Everyone who works at Rolls-Royce is a valued part of the company, and rewarded accordingly. In addition to a monthly payment, you may have the opportunity to earn a premium, depending on the results of your final thesis.

To apply for a final year thesis placement, you need to be a full-time student with a very strong academic record..

In addition, we have identified a number of key attributes that we believe are essential to our success. Together, these attributes form what we call our Core Behaviours Framework and are what we look for in all our interns. They are:

Many of our final year students have a proven track record as interns or work students with Rolls-Royce Deutschland.

Courage, integrity and leadership
You should be able to demonstrate the drive, commitment and courage we need to ensure we achieve our objectives in an ethical and professional manner.

Judgement and common sense
You should be able to analyse a variety of data and information, and use sound reasoning to draw accurate conclusions.

Breadth and business understanding
You should be able to use your business knowledge and commercial awareness to help develop products, services and strategies to drive growth and profitability.

Influence and working together
You should be able to communicate effectively, influencing others and adapting your behaviour appropriately.

Delivering and managing work
You should be able to impact positively on business performance through decisions and actions that deliver results. 

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We're interested in well-rounded individuals who really want to work for us. So think widely about your experiences so far – in life, in work, academically and socially – and how these could support your application.

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