Tiago Oliveria - Engineering

Tiago Oliveira

Aerospace Engineering, University of Sheffield

One of my placements was in TP400 Development, where I was responsible for proving the compliance of the propeller gearbox against Customer and Certification requirements, as well as for the creation of investigation reports. I then moved to Helicopter Services, where my tasks included answering technical queries, delivering safety reports and assessments, and maintenance procedures improvement.

My current placement is within JSF Systems Design, where I am leading an effort to redesign a part of the Lift System to make it more compliant with customer requirements and expectations. My next placement will take place within the Civil Small and Medium Engines team in Indianapolis, doing very similar activities to the Helicopter Services placement, but in a new market, sector and procedures.

During the last weeks of my placement in EHM, we were supporting an Accident Investigation, which asked us to develop a tool to analyse flight data for the entire fleet. The problem was, the questions that were being put to the data were too complex for the type of data available. The investigation was a very high priority topic at the time, and we developed a tool that not only provided the required answers to the investigators, but also presented new points that had not yet been seen. It was one of those times that I could really see the impact of the work I was doing, and that gave me a huge sense of personal satisfaction and of achievement.

Definitely the knowledge that I am working for a company with such a rich heritage and tradition of engineering excellence and innovation. Likewise, the fact that the company is moving more and more towards a global identity means you're in daily contact with a lot of different cultures, ways of thinking and doing things - something that provides you with huge knowledge that's difficult to match in other companies. Finally, Rolls-Royce has been my company of choice since a very early age, so making that dream a reality is an incredibly satisfying and rewarding feeling.

I have received a vast array of training, from engine familiarisations, through introductory sessions to functions and their processes, and to training on failure investigation topics. I particularly enjoyed Systems Engineering, Root Cause Analysis, and Failure Investigation. In terms of training available, there is a never-ending and always improving offer of courses (both on and off site), in pretty much any area that Rolls-Royce touches; the company makes every effort to support any training that you identify as part of your development plan.