Sarah Abbott - Customer managment

Sarah Abbott

History, University of Bristol
Customer management

I spent six months as a Programme Manager with the new services development team in civil aerospace, where I ran a cross-business team to deliver a new service to LAN, the Chilean flag carrier airline. I learnt about a number of areas of the business very quickly and had the opportunity to travel to Singapore to see how we were successfully operating a similar service for another customer.

A successful six months in the Defence sales team in Bristol leading some of my own sales campaigns, allowed me to get to grips with the whole sales process. I was pleased about the degree of ownership I was given for important campaigns, despite being at an early stage of my career. This was a steep learning curve, but has certainly helped me on my career path as I had to quickly develop a skill set.

During one of my placements working for Rolls-Royce in Malaysia, I was tasked with analysing the future of the Malaysian oil and gas market and making recommendations about Rolls-Royce's future strategy.

I had the opportunity to build relationships and really get to understand the way the Malaysian oil and gas market worked, before presenting opportunities for further growth by Rolls-Royce. This was particularly interesting as I worked with both Marine and Energy colleagues to make my recommendations, which then went on to be considered at senior levels. I was also required to work closely with customers to ensure my strategy recommendations would best meet their future needs.

I most value how diverse Rolls-Royce is, both in its truly global footprint but also in its people and portfolio. There are such great opportunities to gain a wide spread of experiences in multiple settings, with a huge variety of products and services. Importantly this doesn't stop after the early part of your career - as many experienced colleagues still get these opportunities regularly.

I know that Rolls-Royce is a place where my development is looked after, if I want to chase the opportunities made available.