Holly Campbell - Finance

Holly Campbell

Pure Mathematics, University of Sheffield

My first placement was based in Naval, Marine in the Bristol site. It was a great opportunity to experience reporting as well as being responsible for delivering cost control projects. Bristol was a fantastic environment to work in because as well as being a beautiful city, the site is very friendly and there's a great social scene.

The second placement was in the Civil Small and Medium Engines sector based in Montreal, Canada. I was required to support the Chief Accountant by helping her meet her monthly/weekly deadlines. Not only that but I participated in the capital expenditure process. Capital expenditure is the future of the company so I was very proud to be involved. It is incredibly satisfying when you have worked hard and you finally get a piece of equipment approved - especially when you later see it on the shop floor and you know that you played a big part in getting it there.

One of the most interesting projects I have been involved in since joining Rolls-Royce was when I worked in Canada and we were asked to transfer all the tooling and equipment for the V2500 Engine from the Montreal Site to East Kilbride. It was very time-pressured and it required the expertise from almost every function in the business in order to facilitate this transfer. It was a great opportunity to get to know the managers/directors of the other functions and what they do as well as being able to bring my own knowledge to the table and positively contribute to a high profile project.

I love the culture at Rolls-Royce. Every manager I have had has been incredibly approachable, welcoming and patient. There is an emphasis on team work and a real sense of partnership. There is a very good work life and social life balance which I think is very important to get right.

I am working towards my Chartered Management Accountancy qualification. There are 15 exams in total. Rolls-Royce sponsor their graduates through every single exam. Not only that, but for nine of the exams (the most fundamental of the 15), Rolls-Royce pay for the graduates to attend residential training courses in North Wales.

As well as my accountancy training I have also completed many training courses such as Project Management, ERP, Yellow Belt and many more.