Dami Awosanmi - Manufacturing Engineering

Dami Awosanmi

Manufacturing Engineering and Management (MEng), University of Nottingham
Manufacturing Engineering Graduate Development Programme

I started as a manufacturing improvement leader in one of the Gas Turbine Supply Chain facilities. It was a great development opportunity which allowed me to work with the wider business improvement team in the sector, the management team of the plant and our frontline operators in the delivery of key improvement programmes.

I went on to Finland for my second placement, working as a manufacturing engineer for the purchasing function of our marine business. A key aspect of my role included developing the external supply chain. This involved working directly with one of our main suppliers, to identify opportunities for improving efficiency within the supply chain, and then creating the improvement plans required to ensure we continue delivering value to our customers.

I am now currently working as a production leader, my final 6 months attachment before starting my first substantive role. It is my first management role and I am currently responsible for managing the non-destructive testing area in the facility I am based in.

I led a key improvement project to optimise our logistics and information structures across sites (and suppliers) in Asia and Europe in one of our business sectors. The focus here was to further improve our competitive advantage in that sector and support future business plans.

This was a great development experience for me with the involvement of senior management and executives throughout the duration of the project. It also gave me an opportunity to work with cross-functional teams within Rolls-Royce and our external supply chain across China, Finland, Korea, Norway and Poland.

Rolls-Royce is an organisation with a culture of commitment to the development of everyone in it. Right from my first day I felt valued, I was given real responsibilities with objectives that mattered and I was trusted to deliver them. I wasn't micro managed or spoon fed I was given the room to deliver on my commitments, and develop the right skills and behaviours.

Even when faced with challenging objectives which take me out of my comfort zone there is always ample support available. The organisation is filled with experienced people at every level, who are passionate about their jobs and who are always willing to help.

Everyone is valued here, regardless of what of your job title is or what stage of your career you're in, it's recognised we all have a role to play in the continued success of this business.

Training programmes are an ongoing feature of our career development at Roll-Rolls. Examples of my training include:

  1. Culture training: designed to help employees on international assignments settle into their new community and adjust to working in a new environment
  2. Green belt course: designed to provide a good understanding of lean, six sigma tools and the skills required to apply them in carrying out continuous improvement projects.
  3. PL3 Course: designed to learn the skills and techniques required to function effectively as a production leader
  4. Excellence through project management: an NVQ3 qualification on project management