Ivania Stoyanova

Ivanina Stoyanova

Second Year Economics and Management, Aston University, Birmingham

I heard about the FUGOTY from one of my university advisers and his passion and enthusiasm for the award got me really excited about what this could mean for me.

The assessment centre was very interesting and challenging. During the process I learnt a lot about my skills and developed others I did not know I possessed. I very much enjoyed how the two days were structured because we had the opportunity to experience the Rolls-Royce atmosphere, network with their female professionals, understand as much as we can about the company and show ourselves in the best possible way to prove we should win FUGOTY. I most enjoyed that the assessment centre was not created in a competitive way and all participants were able to work together effectively rather than be pitted against each other.

The tour itself made me realise how much I like the company and the culture at Rolls-Royce. The whole two days revealed to me the many development paths someone could take when being a part of this challenging and rewarding environment. I have no doubts I would enjoy the summer internship at Rolls-Royce and I am convinced that such an experience would be a perfect fit to my career aspirations.