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Take a journey through the Rolls-Royce EJ200 engine

Explore the science behind the engine through interactive games, fact files and video.

Take an interactive journey through a jet engine

Learn about its key sections, the materials used, how it is manufactured and some of the science behind how it works then test your knowledge in a short quiz.

Find out what your customer wants - their key elements like type of aircraft, type of engine, supplier and then test your knowledge by developing your own Aero-engine.

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This interactive game asks students to manage the Rolls-Royce Research and Development budget over 30 years.

Students make decisions that will affect the products the amount of noise, NOx and CO2 produced by the company Play the game

Additional fact sheets give a more detailed insight into the technologies involved and possible future products.

See the teachers' notes Link opens in a new window  for game play details.

The Universe Challenge is an interactive whiteboard based competition for two teams of pupils. It includes interactive revision questions on a wide range of topics as well as two classroom based activities.

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The game and accompanying notes were developed from the award winning entry by Mulberry School for Girls, London in the Rolls-Royce Science Prize Awards 2007.

Details of the game and answers to the questions are available in the teachers' notes Link opens in a new window 

Lesson ideas and details of Mulberry School's project are available in the extension activity notes  Link opens in a new window