Sarah Turnbull - Advanced modern practical

Sarah Turnbull

Advanced Diploma in Aerospace, Functional Skills Level 2 Maths, ICT and English
Advanced/Modern Practical Apprenticeship

I'm very lucky to honestly say I love my job. I enjoy the atmosphere at work, meeting new people and learning new skills. I enjoy being given projects to manage as I like thinking of new ideas to implement - and it's a great feeling when a project is complete and you know you've made a difference.

The most interesting work I've done during my apprenticeship was a project on calibration. I was given access to the site statistics, with the aim of improving the processes currently in place. This involved speaking to everyone involved, with calibration across the site and trying to implement new processes to achieve the target of less than 1% out-of-calibration equipment site-wide.

This project is still in process and some Production Leaders are implementing some of my ideas, so this will hopefully further drive down the statistics and improve sustainability. I have learned a lot; from time management to in-depth knowledge of systems and people skills -which is something I can carry forward into the world of work. It's a great feeling to see the work you've done paying off, and seeing results and a learning curve when things don't quite go to plan! Being given projects allows you to stretch your limits, and really grow as a person as well as an employee.

The first eight months of my apprenticeship were spent at SETA, a local training school where I learned basic hand skills, machining skills, welding, fabrication and electrics. I also completed courses such as Personal Learning and Thinking Skills, and ERR. I'm on day release to City of Sunderland College where I'm studying a BTEC in Manufacturing Engineering.

I have a program of online courses to complete, and have in-house courses such as Personal Integrity regularly throughout my time as an apprentice.

When I started working in the factory I began my NVQ level three, which I will complete throughout my apprenticeship. Next year I'll be starting a HNC in Manufacturing Engineering, and plan to continue in education as far as possible in the future.