Aiden Rogers - Higher (Engineering)

Aiden Rogers

A-level Maths and Physics plus Advanced Diploma in Engineering
Higher Apprenticeship

The thing I enjoy most about working here is the countless opportunities we're all provided with. Since I started, I've had the chance to show David Cameron around the new Apprentice Academy, work on a current project with a team of engineers, and also get hands-on with Rolls-Royce products like the Trent 1000. It's nice to know that you're in an environment where, if you want to learn, there's limitless time and support committed to you.

The most interesting work I've done so far has been on the CNC milling section of the workshop. After building up experience on a manual milling machine, it was interesting to see how technology has been applied to manufacturing, working on state of the art machines within the apprentice academy. The speed at which a component could be manufactured compared with a manual machine was amazing, and it was easy to see how it could improve processes out in the business.

The first week at Rolls-Royce consisted of an outward bound course. This was a three-day course of team building and getting to know our future colleagues, whilst also gaining an insight into the Rolls-Royce values and expectations.

I then began my practical training in the new Apprentice Academy, spending five weeks on each section including turning, milling, CNC milling, CNC turning and CNC milling. This is a vital part of the training as it provides you with a firm understanding of how things are made, the various manufacturing technologies available and provides credibility when you go out into the business and speak with the engineers on various projects.

I'm also doing a part-time degree course whilst gaining experience within one of the largest engineering organisations in the UK. This allows me to see more clearly how my degree will be applied, and therefore make better use of it. For me, combining a degree course with building practical experience at Rolls-Royce will give me more credibility when I go out onto real projects within the business.