Profile - Bethan Murray

Bethan Murray
A-level Maths, Physics, Biology, Geography, Citizenship, General Studies
A-level Entry: Manufacturing development programme

Since I started, I feel I've been given real responsibilities for my own work and training. On my current placement I've been given projects to work on that have a valuable impact on the company, and I feel I can contribute to the business whilst I'm learning. You're given real responsibility from day one, and it certainly helped to develop my confidence in the working world.

At my placement, I'm lucky enough to work with engines on a day-to-day basis. I work in a repair and overhaul facility for civil large engines, so I can see the product stripped down to its individual parts and rebuilt to the final product - and you can really appreciate the size of the company and the amazing work it does.

I've done so many interesting things, it's difficult to choose just one. I think one aspect has been the business improvement side of the company; learning how the company aims to function and applying theories and process improvements to work towards that. The training week for Business Improvement was hands-on and interesting - it taught me how simple changes can drastically increase productivity and hence profit. Cutting waste out of a process is a key factor of Business Improvement. I've been lucky enough to be able to apply this learning during my time on my placement, doing day-long improvement activities with exposure to many different people from different functions to ensure a process runs the best it possibly can - with cooperation from everyone involved. This has given me an idea of how businesses run in the real world, whilst also having exposure to the product and processes involved.

I've been with the company six months, and have already begun the foundation programme to work towards my Masters - this involves a three-five day block release every six weeks. I've had numerous training courses - one of which has led to me gaining accreditation in Yellow Belt Six Sigma. I initially started in the workshops alongside all the new Apprentices and learnt an appreciation of each basic aspect of practical engineering e.g. milling, turning and assembly. This took three months, and after this I then went out into the business to undertake my first placement.