Bethan Murray - Manufacturing Development

Do you want the chance to develop outstanding technical skills under the guidance of some of the world’s best professionals? To join a programme that equips you for a Masters Foundation degree, brings you international opportunities and doesn’t leave you with student debt? Then the Manufacturing Development A-Level entry programme is for you. Just imagine – exposure to real-life situations and the chance to test yourself alongside the best.

You'll need genuine enthusiasm about developing a career in manufacturing. You'll also need to be articulate, numerate and driven - learning quickly and working well with others.

As part of your programme, you'll earn a Masters Degree* in Engineering Business Management from the University of Warwick, paid for by us. It'll involve residential modules and written and work-based assignments, and you'll study part time, alongside your work, completing your Masters in around four-five years.

You'll also do placements in different areas of the company, typically lasting six months each. These will equip you with vital skills in forecasting, production planning, supply chain design and management - as well as the management and development of manufacturing, assembly and repair processes and resources.

*Please note that this scheme does not offer an accelerated route to MEng, BEng or CEng.

UK (Derby)

Get paid
Your salary will start from  £12,700, and will be reviewed annually based on your performance, which allows for significant increases as the programme progresses.

Get experienced
Career support from day one 
Management position after four to five years

Get a degree
Study at Warwick University for a Foundation Degree after Year one 
Funded studies to Masters Degree at Warwick University with residential study blocks from Year two onwards

Our A Level Entry programmes involve a fair amount of academic work. For that reason, we'll need you to have already achieved a certain level in your education:

  • A-Levels - Grade A* to B in Maths, Physics or another science/numerate subject - plus A* to B in any two other (achieved or expected)
  • GCSE - Good grades in Maths, English and a selection of other subjects.

Equivalent qualifications are also accepted.

A passion for manufacturing
Beyond your academic qualifications, we'll be looking for evidence that you're genuinely interested in and enthusiastic about developing a career in your chosen area. For instance, we'd like to hear about how you like to tinker with cars, bicycles or motorbikes; or about an engineering project you've done at school, or an engineering club you've been involved with. Whatever it is, we need to know you've thought things through and are fairly sure that this career is right for you.

Fast learner and motivated
Importantly, you'll be articulate, numerate, driven and a fast learner who's good at engaging people at all levels. We'll also be looking at where you might have demonstrated your drive and motivation; for example sports, languages, organising a significant event, Duke of Edinburgh or charity work.

Open: Monday 1st September
Close: Ongoing

Stage 1: Once you've decided which Apprenticeship is for you, you'll need to find an appropriate vacancy and apply online.

Stage 2: If you are applying to a role in the UK and have submitted your online application, you will immediately receive two emails – one to acknowledge that you have submitted your application, and the second email inviting you to take some online assessments. You will then have ten days to complete them – but before you do, try out some sample question by visiting

You will need to complete all of the assessments provided for your application to be considered. We have also compiled a number of frequently asked questions to support you.

Please note, not all emails are compatible with our systems so please check your spam/junk folders to ensure that you have received both emails.

Stage 3: If your application is successful, you'll be invited to our assessment centre. The day consists of ability tests, interviews and a group exercise:

  • Ability Test - as the tests you completed on-line were unsupervised you will be asked to re-sit one of them when you come in to see us. You may wish to re-visit the on-line practice questions at
  • Group Exercise - we will ask you to participate in a group activity that will allow us to observe how you work with others in a team environment.
  • Motivational Interview - we would like to know a bit more about your practical achievements. Think about a time you've made, designed or planned something and be prepared to talk us through what you did and what new skills you learnt.
  • Technical Interview - we would like to gain an understanding of how well you are able to learn and understand information that relates to our business. We are also interested in your understanding of Rolls-Royce and the different sectors in which we operate.
  • Competency Interview - you will be asked to give examples of times you've demonstrated some of the competencies that are important to us.

Stage 4: If you're successful at the assessment centre, you will be contacted within one week and told the good news.