Performance is art

Rolls-Royce is an innovation business. On land, at sea, in the air, our high-performance engineering, technologies and ideas shape the future of entire industries.

Innovation makes us stand out

Our innovative thinking is what sets us apart. It's in our DNA as a business. We believe it's our job to inspire people. We think engineering shouldn't just perform, it should perform beautifully.

This year, we wanted to bring this philosophy to life for university students across the UK. We're thrilled to present Adventures in Power, an experimental piece of sound and vision that opens a window on our organisation.

Our film

This film and the audio track that accompanies it have been created from Rolls-Royce products, processes and people. We have captured what the organisation looks like when it is designing, manufacturing and launching its power solutions. The piece of music you will hear is inspired by and made from authentic Rolls-Royce sounds.

The film has been created by many brains and many hands. As well as engaging Rolls-Royce employees, we have collaborated with a music producer, a film company and our communications agency.