Michelle Hunt

Business Management, University of Sheffield 
Internship - Summer placement and 12-month placement

During my internship I worked in two areas of the business. Firstly I worked in Civil Aerospace, dealing with the supply of critical parts for engines in overhaul shops. This was a very fast-paced job with any delays affecting the end-customer, and involved very hands-on work and fast thinking.

Secondly I worked in Fans, one of Rolls-Royce's Supply Chain Units. Here I was in the role of Supply Chain Designer, with my own projects to work on. One of these projects was to look at the redesign of the supply chain for a part for a civil engine. This involved mapping out the current supply chain, along with the options available -weighing up costs, distances and lead times to create a supply chain with greater efficiency than the current model.

I've visited numerous Rolls- Royce factories during my internship, seeing how a fan blade is made, how a fan case is assembled, and much more. After that, I've then seen these on the final build line where the engine as a whole is assembled -you don't realise the size until you see them up close!

What I've most enjoyed about working at Rolls-Royce is the amount of people I have worked with during my 14 months here. I've worked with people on projects that are based in America, Japan and Germany. I've also worked a lot with suppliers, and met with them at Rolls-Royce as well as on their premises. I've learnt a lot from the knowledge of the people here, and have made some great relationships.

I've learnt a great deal about being in a corporate business environment, which I think is invaluable experience to have. This has helped me build on my team-working skills, leadership skills when leading a small project -and skills to work efficiently on my own to my own time scales, using my initiative and going with what I think will work. All of these will inevitably help not only for the last year at university, but for my personal and professional career going forward.