Supply Chain Management

Delivering our customers' engines and spare parts on time and as cost effectively as possible is a complex challenge – one that’s critical to our success. It takes an ever-evolving global chain of people, processes and suppliers working together seamlessly and intelligently to make it happen. This is our Supply Chain Management team.

Learning from real experts as you immerse yourself in our global operation, your internship will see you work with teams in areas like resource management, inventory, physical logistics and supply chain design. You’ll do everything you would do as a Rolls-Royce employee – from attending meetings, to thinking of smarter ways to store and manage our parts, to overseeing expensive components from one end of the production process to the next.

Expect challenging real-life assignments that will test you like never before. And, if you show us your potential to rise to those challenges, you may be offered a chance to join our highly competitive graduate programme.