Commercial knowledge and creativity come together to create a best-in-class approach in our Commercial team. These experts work with our customers, partners and suppliers all over the world to shape the way we do business. They negotiate contracts that make front-page news. And, on our 10-week Summer Internship Programme, you could help them at any stage of the contract management lifecycle to minimise risk and maximise profits.

You’re going to develop a wide variety of business skills as you get involved in everything from legal contract work, to financial analysis and customer relationships. It’s likely that you’ll be involved in day-to-day communication with our customers, suppliers or partners – a fantastic experience that will see you becoming the face of Rolls-Royce for other companies. You’ll be given responsibility for your own projects, and most internships will give you the opportunity to shadow some major contract and financial negotiations or disputes – it’s a great way to see the business end of high value contract management.

This internship will help you to build an in-depth knowledge of the wider Rolls-Royce business. It’s likely that you’ll work with our engineering and operations teams – in fact, opportunities to see the real equipment in action are often a high point; a chance to see how your commercial work is connected to our technological innovation.

Learning from astute and highly experienced mentors, you'll enjoy stretching practical experience – the breadth of this role should open up significant development opportunities for you in the business world. It’s not easy, but it’s immensely rewarding. And, if you impress us with your ideas, quick grasp of business and eye for detail, you could be offered the chance to join our graduate programme.