As a graduate in our Finance team, you'll go beyond the numbers, and play a key part in the strategic development of our organisation. You'll develop a deep understanding of how the business works, and be heavily involved in decision-making and the implementation of improvement initiatives - right across our aerospace, marine and energy sectors.

You'll start with three, six-month placements, with various rotations - leading to a potential management role where you can build on what you've learned. There is also an opportunity to increase your breadth of knowledge with a further management role.

One in 44 people employed at Rolls-Royce is a dedicated finance professional. It's an area with immense credibility within the business, and helps propel us forward. They work across three main areas:

  • Maintaining financial records and providing statutory accounts;
  • Giving tax, treasury and compliance management advice to minimise risks to the business;
  • Providing financial commercial recommendations to make sure projects are delivered to budget.

Throughout the development programme, you'll benefit from a mix of project work, structured training, and on-the-job assignments. Wherever you work, you'll develop technical and business skills, and play a key part in strategic development, decision-making and the implementation of improvement initiatives.