Manufacturing Engineering

Our Manufacturing Engineers are involved in the development of some of the most advanced manufacturing processes in the world – across aerospace, marine, and nuclear technology. Turning our designs into reality involves working with a broad range of stakeholders including designers, customers, suppliers and operations specialists in every part of Rolls-Royce around the globe.

Throughout your three and a half year Higher Apprenticeship, you’ll be working with engineers who are amongst the best in their field, and gain a solid foundation of engineering skills to build upon.

After completing your foundation training, you’ll have a broad appreciation of engineering principles and will embark on a series of mentored three month placements - ensuring you gain both the breadth and depth of experience you need to become a vital part of our future. These placements will give you practical knowledge in areas such as process planning, managing projects and costs, evaluating engineering designs, solving engineering problems, and implementing quality assurance methods.

You’ll enjoy on and off-the-job training, a competitive salary and opportunities to progress within our manufacturing engineering function. How far you progress in this role is up to you and your ambitions.