Dual study

Join our 3-year Dual Study Programme, and combine theoretical study at a local university, with a range of practical work within Rolls-Royce. This way, you’ll develop a strong understanding of our business, as well as valuable skills.

We offer one Dual Study Programme in Germany: a Bachelor of Business Administration and Engineering (BAEE), in cooperation with the FH Giessen/Friedberg. This is based at our site in Oberursel (near Frankfurt am Main).

During the semester, you’ll be taught the relevant theory according to the curriculum of your university. You’ll then have opportunities to put your newly acquired knowledge into practice during structured placements at Rolls-Royce, allowing you to work on interesting and challenging real-life tasks alongside your study.

While your study will be hard work, we'll never expect you to do it all alone. Throughout your time on the programme, you’ll have constant access to the advice and encouragement of your training supervisor and line manager, as well as your colleagues. Together, they’ll help you set your objectives, monitor your progress, understand tricky concepts and, ultimately, achieve your full potential.

By the end of the programme, few people within the company will have experienced more aspects of Rolls-Royce than you, putting you in a strong position to develop your career with a successful global company.