Specialist Science Apprenticeship

Using physics, chemistry, engineering and maths in real-world engineering takes a degree-level education. Which is why we offer our Specialist Science Apprentices the chance to study for a BEng (Hons) in Materials Engineering. You will also have the potential to start the Materials degree at Sheffield Hallam University. All while learning alongside some amazing minds here at Rolls-Royce.

Dividing your time between our offices and some of the world's premier laboratories, you'll learn to blend theory with practical skill. You might be developing new chemical processes, inspecting parts using x-ray and ultrasound, or enhancing your forensic analytical skills to help us manufacture for future success in all sorts of environments.

As you learn, you'll be exposed to all parts of our business. Trained by world-class experts, you’ll join the next generation of scientists. That means you could be involved in areas as varied as inspection, metallurgy, materials science, failure investigation, chemical processing, coatings, research and development, forging and mathematical modelling.