Manufacturing Development Programme

Do you want the chance to develop outstanding technical skills under the guidance of some of the world’s best professionals? To join a programme that equips you for a Masters Foundation degree, brings you international opportunities and doesn’t leave you with student debt? Then the Manufacturing Development A-Level entry programme is for you. Just imagine – exposure to real-life situations and the chance to test yourself alongside the best.

You'll need genuine enthusiasm about developing a career in manufacturing. You'll also need to be articulate, numerate and driven - learning quickly and working well with others.

As part of your programme, you'll earn a Masters Degree* in Engineering Business Management from the University of Warwick, paid for by us. It'll involve residential modules and written and work-based assignments, and you'll study part time, alongside your work, completing your Masters in around four-five years.

You'll also do placements in different areas of the company, typically lasting six months each. These will equip you with vital skills in forecasting, production planning, supply chain design and management - as well as the management and development of manufacturing, assembly and repair processes and resources.

*Please note that this scheme does not offer an accelerated route to MEng, BEng or CEng.