Project Analyst/Controller

You have to combine so many skills to be a good project manager that you might think going to university is the best way to get them. It's one way - but a better way is to combine theory with practical, real-life experience. That's precisely what we'll teach you to do on our Higher Apprenticeship scheme. And unlike at university, we'll pay you to do it - as well as giving you everything you need to achieve a Foundation degree in Project Management.

You'll start by getting a firm foundation in project management techniques, before going on to mentored placements in different areas of the company, typically for four months each. These will give you key skills like scope, risk and resource management, planning and scheduling, cost control and project monitoring and reporting.

Picture it: developing professional experience using world-class tools and processes, learning from real project management professionals and working towards accredited Association for Project Management qualifications. Some day, you might be involved in bringing a new gas turbine engine to market, or overseeing the building of a new generation of power stations or manufacturing facilities. The possibilities are limitless.