Whole Engine Thermal Analysis Specialist (f/m)

Reference number: 00056925, Date added: 06-May

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Rolls-Royce is Germany's only fully-certified engine manufacturer with complete capability for the design, production and support of modern civil and military turbine engines. Our long, proud history of exceptional gear design, from turbo-shaft to LiftFan, is part of our vision to create better power for a changing world.


We're now seeking talented individuals to join the power gearbox, test-bed facility at our expanding Dahlewitz research site, within easy commuting distance of Berlin. This is challenging, cutting-edge work; developing and testing highly innovative, efficient gearboxes in classes up to 80MW.


To get this project off the ground we'll need individuals with a range of skills in this area and experience ranging from graduate level to senior leadership:


Principal Accountabilities

  • Design, prediction and verification of thermal behaviour of novel gear box design
  • Generating thermo-mechanical models of the gear box incl. gears, shrouds, bearings, housing etc. and setting up the proper heat transfer boundary conditions, e.g. relation between external two-flow pattern and convective heat transfer coefficients
  • Detailed investigation of local heat generation and two-phase flow pattern, e.g. by CFD methods, for efficient oil supply and collection to reduce losses and achieve highest gear box efficiency.
  • Thermo-mechanical analysis for the calculation of component temperatures and displacements to support the design and lifing of these components.
  • Development of methods for design and analysis of thermal behaviour for complex gear box applications. Definition and coordination of system requirements for engine parts and components to create product specifications.
  • Collaboration in research activities, especially with externals partners like universities, suppliers etc.
  • Analysis, interpretation, evaluation and presentation of the results from model calculations and experimental tests as well as creation of technical documentation and quality documentation (e.g. process descriptions).
  • Interact with other technical units, particularly as regards component design and thermal analysis.