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STREAMLINE – Strategic Research for Innovative Marine Propulsion Concepts

Increasing environmental concerns and soaring oil prices are creating a new focus on fuel efficiency for the marine industry. Combining low emissions with demands for more advanced vessels than ever before, drives the need for radically new propulsion concepts delivering a step-change in efficiency.

STREAMLINE is the response of the marine community to this demand that will be addressed through:

  • Demonstrating  radically new propulsion concepts delivering an increase in efficiency of at least 15 per cent over current state-of-the-art
  • Investigating methods to optimise fully current state-of-the-art systems
  • Development of  advanced CFD tools and methods to optimise the hydrodynamic performance of the new propulsion concepts
  • Characterisation of the operational, economic and classification aspects of each of the new propulsion concepts

The STREAMLINE consortium is led by Rolls-Royce and is made up of 22 partners from 8 countries, providing world leading expertise and capability from the EU marine industry.

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