Rolls-Royce Research & Technology (R&T) is responsible for developing technologies from their earliest concept stage to the point at which they are available to the Rolls-Royce businesses for demonstration in an operational environment. R&T Programmes are broadly classified in terms of their Technology Readiness Level (TRL).

Programmes in TRL 1-2 are run by the Strategic Research team and are usually 'beyond the horizons' of the existing customer-facing and operational business units. TRL 3-5 involve the acquisition of new technical capabilities, normally in support of support of Vision 10 & 20. These form part of the Applied Research programme. Our University Technology Centres (UTCs) support the strategic and applied programmes for all sectors.

Technologies that are successful  are then incorporated into demonstrator programmes, normally involving engines or large-scale rig tests.

Rolls-Royce collaborates with many International, Governmental and Regional Research bodies in order to maximise the technology we can develop. Explore the links below to find out about some of our current key programmes.

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