SILOET programme

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Strategic Investment in Low-carbon Engine Technology (SILOET) programme

The programme will accelerate the development and introduction of low carbon aircraft engine technology. The results from this programme are expected to deliver a 2% improvement in engine fuel economy and enable delivery of the ACARE goals. The programme consists of 7 projects which will look at lightweight structures, high temperature materials and technology, lean burn systems, virtual engineering tools, and advanced components.

If it is assumed that the technology is applied to both wide body and narrow body aircraft, and that enhanced competitiveness increases the pressure to reduce fuel burn across the whole industry, then the CO2 savings could be as large as 600-750 million tonnes. This contributes directly both to UK Government Low Carbon Industrial Strategy and goals to reduce aviation emissions.  The programme started in 2009 and is expected to complete in 2013.

Each of the SILOET project consortiums is made up of Rolls-Royce and various combinations from ten of the leading UK universities.

Support for SILOET has been provided by UK Government Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, managed by Technology Strategy Board.

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