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LuFo is a German, national aeronautics research programme funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi).

Currently, phase IV is in place. In call 1 (2007-2010), the programme gross volume of Rolls-Royce Deutschland (RRD) is 45m€. The emphasis lies on core engine component developments including HPC, Lean Burn Combustor and HPT for less fuel burn, emissions, and costs.

In call 2 (2009-2012) with a gross volume of 54,5m€ the main objectives are set on core engine tests for technology validation, system integration, optimisation of fuselage mount systems and rotatives production for cost reduction & lifing. In Call 3 (2010-2013) with a gross volume of 27,2m€ one objective is set on materials and manufacturing for Blisks.


HPC: Robust blisk design, blade tip-casing contact analysis, UHL compressor design

Comb: Combustor improvement for Nox emissions reduction without compromising other emissions smoke and operability

HPT: Combustor turbine clocking, stator clocking

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