E3E programme


The E3E programme provides an all new core engine for the medium thrust range. It incorporates major advances with regard to environmental friendliness, efficiency and economy. The engine has high specific power, low emissions and low cost, as well as a high level of scalability which makes it very attractive for future applications.

The newly developed compressor realizes a pressure ratio of 22:1 in 9 stages at high efficiency and high surge margin. An innovative air system has been incorporated for effective cooling configuration and to compensate for the high axial spool loading. Successful implementation of a lean burn combustion system has already been demonstrated.

A shroudless blade design in combination with an innovative passive tip clearance control system enables a highly efficient low cost turbine.

E3E supports Advance2

The core engine of the E3E programme is targeted for future two shaft applications. See more information on our Future engine programmes Link opens in a new window 

Details of the E3E Core Technology

This paper (Proceedings of ASME Turbo Expo 2011) provides details on the technology used in Core 3/2 of the E3E programme. This technology will flow into the Advance2 engine The Engine 3E Core Engine Link opens in a new window 

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