DREAM (ValiDation of Radical Engine Architecture systeMs) is a large multinational FP7 R&T project that is the response of the engine community to reduce CO2 emissions and mitigate against any future shortages and increased cost of Jet A1 fuel. The objectives of DREAM are to reduce SFC (Specific Fuel Consumption) and CO2 by at least 27% and community noise by 9dB cumulative compared with the current Y2000 turbofan engines.

The technologies developed are aimed at achieving the project objectives at a readiness level that will enable future exploitation and support further research. DREAM comprises of 5 technical sub-projects: SP1 Whole Engine Architecture, SP2 Geared Open Rotor, SP3 Direct Drive Open Rotor, SP4 Innovative Systems and SP5 Alternative Fuels Demonstration. DREAM is a three year project Coordinated by Rolls-Royce with a total budget of 40 million Euros.

DREAM is supported by 44 partners (OEMs, SMEs, Universities and Research establishments) in 13 countries from within the EU, Russia and Turkey .

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