Clean Sky JTI

Open rotor test

The Clean Sky Joint Technology Initiative (JTI) is the European Union’s largest ever aeronautics research programme, with a total value of €1.6bn supporting demonstration of a wide range of aeronautics technologies for reduced emissions of CO2, NOx and noise.  A public-private partnership of the European Commission and 84 private companies, research institutions and universities will administer and coordinate research across six Integrated Technology Demonstrator (ITD) programmes:

  • Smart Fixed Wing Aircraft ITD, demonstrating laminar flow wings and open rotor engine integration for narrow and wide body commercial aircraft
  • Green Regional Aircraft ITD, demonstrating low weight structures and aerodynamic developments for regional aircraft
  • Green Rotorcraft ITD, demonstrating low weight structures and rotor blade noise reduction for helicopters
  • Sustainable and Green Engine ITD, demonstrating open rotor propulsion, low weight and high efficiency systems for fixed wing and rotorcraft
  • Systems for Green Operation ITD, demonstrating novel operating patterns and integrated aircraft systems for reduced emissions
  • Ecodesign ITD, demonstrating low energy and high material utilisation manufacturing methods and recyclability of aircraft components

The objective of Clean Sky is to demonstrate technologies in all six programmes contributing to the ACARE goals of 50 per cent reduction in CO2, 80 per cent reduction in NOx and 50 per cent reduction in perceived noise emissions by 2020.  A Technology Evaluator will model the ITD technologies and assess the contribution of the technologies towards delivery of the ACARE goals.

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