Affordable Capable Engine Technology (ACET)

The primary objective of the ACET programme is to develop technologies suitable for insertion into the JSF propulsion system to enhance product capability or reduce life cycle cost. As part of 'Vision 5', the ACET will run for approximately 7 years (2005-2012) and has a value of around £20 million, 50 per cent of which is funded by the Ministry of Defence, whilst the other 50 per cent is private venture spend (Rolls-Royce funded).

Some F136 technologies were demonstrated in the VAATE demonstrator engine, XTE78, in 2010.

Key Technologies include

F136 Engine:

  • Robust Rotor Blade Leading Edges (by Laser Shock Peening)
  • TiMMC R3 blisk
  • Metal Foam/Polymer Hybrid Fan Abradable Liner


Aero Mechanically Optimised (Damped) Blisk

Generic Technologies:

  • Rotor Tip Timing EHM
  • Blisk Repair
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