Material forming & forging

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Although forming and forging techniques (where material is ‘shaped’ through forces delivered by a tool or die) can often appear simple in concept, their application to the manufacture of critical gas turbine components can actually be very complex, due to the demanding mechanical and surface finish parameters required.

Currently, forming and forging processes are used in a wide range of gas turbine engine components, from compressor aerofoils and wide chord fan blades, to casings, discs, combustors and shafts. 

Rolls-Royce are actively developing the next generation of cost-effective forming and forging processes, which are characterised by being micro-accurate, environmentally sustainable, robust in terms of their process window, and will operate on hard to form and crack sensitive materials. 

Crucial to the successful development of forming and forging processes is the continual commitment by Rolls-Royce in working with their key external supply chain partners, with the Advanced Forming Research centre (AFRC) in Scotland, key to harnessing the benefits of a collaborative environment.

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