Manufacturing Process Modelling technology

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The development of advanced Process Modelling technology makes an important contribution to the successful manufacture of Rolls-Royce components, by enabling evaluation, validation and optimisation of many aspects of the production process at a fraction of the time and cost associated with actual experimentation. 

Materials and Process Modelling has been performed within Rolls-Royce for over 20 years, during which time a wide range of modelling capabilities have been developed and applied to manufacturing and design processes.  Modelling is performed across many applications including, but not limited to, casting (both structural and investment), welding, machining, forming & forging, and heat treatment processes.

State-of-the art computational techniques, based on Finite Element Analysis, are employed to predict a range of thermal, mechanical, flow and microstructural phenomena. The physical characteristics of real processes are enacted in powerful software simulations, allowing Manufacturing Engineers to observe and evaluate complex interactive relationships between the many and variable parameters of a Manufacturing process.

Process Modelling has proven to be so cost-effective that Rolls-Royce has developed bespoke user-friendly software tools for routine application by non-specialist engineers.  The success of this approach is exemplified by the regular use of such tools by Manufacturing Engineering located within primary production facilities.

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