Advanced measurement

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In response to an ever-increasing demand for product performance improvements, the manufacturing tolerances associated with components become progressively more challenging to achieve.  Consequently, the ability to measure geometric features as accurately as possible becomes increasingly important for Rolls-Royce, requiring implementation of Measurement Technology across our production facilities.

Complex 3D surfaces, small edge features and intricate cooling holes can be difficult to measure, demanding access to state-of-the-art equipment and processes. Rolls-Royce are therefore continuing to invest in advanced measurement technologies such as non-contact measurement, computerised tomography and high-speed coordinate measurement machines.  Traditional methods of measurement using manual gauging are now being replaced with high-speed automated measurement machines. 

Our Measurement Excellence programme is focused on ensuring that all our Manufacturing facilities have Best-in-Class technologies available to them, enabling these facilities to access the key characteristics associated with advanced measurement techniques - flexibility, repeatability, accuracy and cost. 

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