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A key element in the Rolls-Royce approach to technology acquisition is our three-phase Vision Programme. Developing the right technologies means looking far into the future and generating a vision of the needs and technology necessary to deliver value for our customers. Technology acquisition is therefore planned over three time horizons:

Vision 5 - applying technology

Vision 5 describes the technologies that Rolls-Royce currently has available ‘off-the-shelf’. They will be  incorporated into new products, such as the aero Trent XWB gas turbine, while some existing engines will be modified to incorporate these proven technologies. Vision5 will ensure that current products remain market leaders in every aspect of performance, reliability and cost.

Vision 10 - the next generation

Vision 10 embodies technologies currently at the validation stage which are due to be commercially available in the medium-term to up to ten years from now. The next generation of market-leading Rolls-Royce products will rely largely on Vision10 technologies.

Vision 20 - exploring new ideas

Vision 20 technologies target future generations of products in a 20-year timeframe. These are at the strategic research stage – emerging or as yet unproven – but will ensure that Rolls-Royce is prepared for future market developments by focusing our extensive research base (including universities and institutions) on the  technology requirements of future generations of products.

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